At Ninjabi Studios, we make it our goal to capture the most precious moments of your life with the utmost detail in the most natural way possible, without taking away from the authenticity, the fun and joy of the event itself. We take candid moments and turn them into sentiments for you to love and to hold, and create one of a kind fine art portraits. Anyone can take a beautiful photo, but it takes a professional to capture a feeling, one that you look back on years later and it still evokes emotion.

For fifteen years, Mediha Sandhu has been a one woman show and the face behind Ninjabi Studios covering events primarily in and around New Jersey. Mediha seeks to build a relationship of trust with her clients to help better tell their story through photography.

We value your privacy first and foremost. None of the content is shared on any platform without your consent. You can rest assured that any content from female-only events will continue to be handled only by females even beyond the duration of the event.

Through Ninjabi Studios, Mediha strives to create a comfortable space for all women. She is a strong advocate for women owned businesses and works closely to help other entrepreneurial-minded women reach their goals.